About Us

The company was established in 1999 AD specializing in the real estate sector and ambitious to lead in the field of development and providing real estate investment opportunities, so it has achieved an appropriate place in the market “God bless” through its projects, which amount to one billion riyals distributed in many cities and regions of the Kingdom seeking further progress.


Our slogan should be the first real estate development and investment symbol in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Message

We offer exemplary real estate products that fulfill the desire of the resident and the investor, as well as active contributors to housing programs.

The Values

Quality and workmanship

Perfection in providing high quality real estate products.

Honesty and security

Provide a safe investment environment for partners and customers.

Impart values

Developing residential and commercial complexes with added value.

Integrity and loyalty

Commitment to the standards of integrity and honesty, by working according to regulations, and fulfilling the terms and conditions of contracts with others.

Transparency and clarity

Promote the values ​​inside the company from among and outside employees in front of investors and clients

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